Tome II. Title Page

Book VIII. Wondrous Music-Making

Part III. Presenting the Technique of Compositional Musarithms

8.3.1 On the Scope and Intention of the Author

8.3.2 On the Requirements for our Musarithmic Method of Composing

Requirement I. The Phonotactic Palimpsest

Requirement II. The Tonographic Table

Requirement III. On the Value of the Notes & the Measure of Time

Requirement IV. A Knowledge of Musarithms

8.3.3 On Simple Counterpoint Using Musarithms of the First Syntagma

Problem I. Compose Any Given Theme in Any Tone in Simple Counterpoint

Problem II. Bringing to Life a Given Theme Divided Into Syllables

Part V. On Mechanical Music-Making

8.5.1 Construction of the Musarithmic Ark

8.5.2 On the Musarithmic Columns and their Order in the Receptacles

8.5.3 On the Use of the Musurgical Ark

8.5.4 On the Ordering of the Columns Pertaining to Poetic Music

8.5.5 On Flowery, Poetic Musarithms

8.5.6 On Rhetorical Musurgy