Book VIII. Wondrous Music-Making.


On flowery, poetic Musarithms.

The six-partitioned space GHFE contains poetic Musarithms for flowery music1Encoded in the 6 tablets of Syntagma II.. Upon the individual lids for the receptacles of this space are written the titles, or types, of meter for which the Musarithms are used. Therefore, if someone wanted to compose, for example, a sapphic [stanza] in the flowery style, he would first take from the last receptacle of the six-partitioned space three columns corresponding to the three sapphic verses2monocolis and then, from the same six-partitioned space, one column from the first receptacle which is for Adonics. Having set these out in order, choose any transverse order for the columns of Musarithms combined in any manner & proceed according to the steps described and you will have what is sought.

Corollary I.

On the Mixture of poetic Musarithms.

But if you mix the columns of Musarithms of simple counterpoint contained in the twelve-partitioned space with the columns contained in the six-partitioned space, a composition will result composed in the flowery, wandering [style], both simple and complex, by always and diligently following the rules related in the previous sections. This fact is more clear than it is deserving of a lengthier clarification.

Corollary II.

From these things, it is abundantly clear that even a single line of music can be changed in infinite ways. But I leave it to the clever novice to ponder these things further.

Part of the Musarithmic Ark used for artful Music.

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