The Great Art of Consonance & Dissonance.


On the ordering of the columns pertaining to poetic music.

Just as in the preceding example we arranged in order columns of polysyllables so as to bring to life1animanudum. any phrase of words into a harmony, so now we shall instruct how the columns with inscriptions for metrical musurgy should be ordered.

It should first be noted whether the given theme will be a multi-line stanza of uniform meter2polystrophon monocolon, in which case, all of the columns must be extracted from the same receptacle. For example, if someone takes a six-lined anacreontic as a theme, he will join together six columns taken out according to the order of the six verses from receptacle IV of the twelve-partioned space, and combine them however he wishes. He must then proceed according to the rules related in the preceding part & the desired composition will result upon the six-versed anacreontic. In the same manner you will prepare any type of multi-line stanza of uniform meter3polystrophon monocolon. But if the theme of words has multiple verses but composed from different [types of] poetries4ex diversis carminibus, that is poetic styles with different meters., then the columns must be extracted from the cells inscribed with the specified meters.

Hendecasyllable 1.
Anacreontic 2.
Iambic Archilochic 3.
Iambic Euripidean 4.
Iambic Alcmanic 5.
Adonic 6.

But the matter will become more clear with an example. If someone would make a composition with multiple verses, whose first verse is a phaleucian hendecasyllable, the second an anacreontic, the third an archilochic, the fourth a Euripidean, the fifth an Alcmanic, and lastly the sixth an adonic, you must operate as follows: With all the receptacles closed, open the lid which has the inscription "For Hendacasyllalbes", then another lid with the inscription "For Anacreontics", third the lid "For Archilochics", fourth the lid "For Iambic Euripideans", fifth the lid "For Iambic Alcmanics", and sixth open the lid with the inscription "For Adonics". Then from each receptacle in the order in which you opened their lids, take one column from each and order them amongst themselves as was done before. Preserving this order, you can combine the columns however you wish & you can select any transverse series of Musarithms for the intended composition. Once the Musarithms have been determined, you will commence the melothetic operation in precisely the same manner as you were taught in the preceding section and you will have what was sought. Having completed the operation, return each column to the appropriate receptacles which5quas read as quæ. the open lids shall well6pulchè read as pulchrè. instruct.


From this operation it is abundandtly clear, that there does not exist a multi-line stanza, whether of one or of different meters, upon which it is not possible to make a composition using the system described (and faster than it takes to say it). But it will be sufficient to have stated this with these brief words.

Use & application of the tablets contained within the Musurgical Ark.

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