Book VIII. Wondrous Music-Making.

Requirement IV.

A Knowledge of Musarithms.

A Musarithm here is nothing more, we say, than an aggregation of harmonic numbers corresponding to definite metrical feet and rendered upon tablets or tables. And it seemed that this new title was especially apt for doing honor to our new art. For 'Musarithm' is identical to μουσικὸς ἄριθμος [musikos arithmos: musical number], that is, an agglomeration of sonorous numbers suitable for expressing harmonic verses, as will be seen later on. Since we provided a sufficient description of their divisions in the first chapter, we did not want to review them any further here; rather we wish to equip ourselves directly for a demosntration of their practice and use lest we keep the avid reader in suspense any longer.

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